Block Consult | Spaces Management
Block Consult | Spaces Management

Block Consult | Spaces Management

We elevate your Web3 gaming brand by designing and hosting X spaces - making you a thought leader in the space

Get your first space hosted within 10 days, or you don’t pay.

Why use X spaces?

Position yourself as thought leader
  • Seek discussion proactively with other thought leaders instead of being reactive.
Tap into new and relevant audiences
  • By inviting the right KOLs and projects, you receive exposure to new and relevant communities.
Build up trust and enhance credibility
  • Sharing the stage with other thought leaders, positions your brand as a credible contributor to the Web3 ecosystem.
Foster an engaged community
  • Build a sustainable community growth without the need for paid promotions.
Unmatched Return on Investment
  • Forget one off activations - Spaces offer an exceptional value requiring little resources.
Networking on steroids
  • As the host you will have an easy time reaching out and connecting with KOLs and projects which joined your space.

What you can expect

 Full service spaces hosting

  • Hosting & Design of 3 spaces
    • Design of space
    • Identification & outreach to guests & KOLs
    • Hosting of spaces

✅ Network Access

  • Tap into our exhaustive database of speakers & KOLs
Our speaker list allows us to craft engaging conversations which are topical
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✅ Design Dashboard

  • Receive access to our spaces design dashboard
Have all the information at your fingertips
Clear Overview on upcoming spaces and guests
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Detailed structure adapted to your needs
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 ✅ Post space Networking

  • Receive a list of promising guests and projects which joined and to whom you can reach out to

 ✅ Promotion

  • Receive actionable feedback on your promotion and marketing assets

  ✅ Evaluation

  • Weekly check in calls (30m) to discuss
    • Evaluation of space performance
      • Quantifiable performance tracking
        • Engagement over time
        • Retention rate
        • Number of live guests & replays
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    • Feedback on promotional strategy
    • Evaluation of notable guests & projects

3 Step Process

  1. Design and structure of space within 3 days
  1. Hosting of first space within 10 days
  1. Actionable feedback and planning of next spaces
Clear and transparent workflow
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This is not our first time

We have designed & hosted some of the most successful web3 spaces

Modern Market
Modern Market
Design & Hosting
  • Established the most successful European daily news space
  • Built an audience of average 300 listeners per day
  • Influential listeners use the Modern Market to prepare for their spaces like Kyle Riggins, Easy, Signal, NFTSteve and others
  • Prominent spaces speakers
    • Wale.swoosh - 73.4k followers
    • Ed Krassenstein - 1m followers
    • Brian Krassenstein - 790k followers
    • Frank Degods - 213k followers
    • NFTStats - 97k followers
    • yellowpanther 98k followers
The Pulse - Metropolis
The Pulse - Metropolis
Design & Hosting
  • Established a weekly spaces show from scratch
  • Built an audience of average 150 listeners per week
  • Prominent spaces guests
    • Flair Network - 263.3k followers
    • Zeneca - 369.8k followers
    • S4mmy - 15.1k followers
    • Kermit - 19.1k followers
  • Weekly gaming spaces for ZTX
  • More than 1,500 listeners per Space
  • Featured projects and games:
    • AI Arena
    • Mocaverse
    • Shrapnel
    • Skyborne
    • NFT Island
    • Seedworld
    • Pixelvault

Meet the Team

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Co-Founder & CTO
Mechanical engineer with experience in systems design & analysis.
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Co-Founder & COO
Finance background with financial planning expertise.
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Co-Founder & CMO
Entrepeneur and ex-consultant at a Big 4 agency.

Don’t take our word for it

“Block Consult has a wide network in web3, I am always amazed by the speakers that they are able to bring on. I had the opportunity to work with many projects and people because of them. Highest quality guarantee.“

“It has been a pleasure to work with the team at Block Consult. The team has always been transparent, communicative, and timely on all aspects of our dealings, whether it's contracts, payments, or potential future collaborations. I always feel like the team will do everything in their power to get the job done.“

“Working with Block Consult has been a flawless and mutually beneficial experience. The team is transparent and extremely professional. Loved my working experience with them.“

“Block Consult were fantastic at connecting me for an appropriate Ambassador role. They were professional, responsive and managed the relationship extremely well to enable me to focus on effectively performing my role without worrying about the admin. They organised all the contracts and facilitated a smooth service - would strongly recommend using their services!“
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